1/2 and 1/2 Brazilian (One Pound)
1/2 and 1/2 Charm City Blend (One Pound)
1/2 and 1/2 Colombian (One Pound)
1/2 and 1/2 Ethiopian Sidamo (One Pound)
1/2 and 1/2 French Roast (One Pound)
1/2 and 1/2 Italian Roast (One Pound)
1/2 and 1/2 Peru Norte (One Pound)
1/2 and 1/2 Sumatra Gayoland (One Pound)
1/2 and 1/2 Timor (One Pound)
12 Months, Once Monthly
12 Months, Twice Monthly
12 Months, Weekly
16 oz. Hot and Cold Tumbler
1812 (One Pound)
24 oz. Hot and Cold Tumbler
3 Months, Once Monthly
3 Months, Twice Monthly
3 Months, Weekly
6 Months, Once Monthly
6 Months, Twice Monthly
6 Months, Weekly
9 Months, Once Monthly
9 Months, Twice Monthly
9 Months, Weekly
Allegheny Reserve (One pound)
Armistead's Blend (One Pound)
Bad Birds of Baltimore Blend (One Pound)
Bad Birds of Baltimore Hoodie
Bali-Timor (One Pound)
Black & Orange (One Pound)
Brazil Monte Carmelo (One Pound)
Brazilian Santos (One Pound)
Charm City Blend (One Pound)
Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans
Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans!!!
Coffee 100: Brewing Coffee the Zeke's Way
Coffee 101: Introduction to Coffee
Coffee 102: Tasting, Regions and Varietals
Coffee 103: Blends and Roast Temperatures
Conventional Coffees
Costa Rican Tarrazu La Pastora (One Pound)
Decaf Brazilian (One Pound)
Decaf Charm City Blend (One Pound)
Decaf Colombian (One Pound)
Decaf Ethiopian Sidamo (One Pound)
Decaf French Roast (One Pound)
Decaf Italian Roast (One Pound)
Decaf Market Blend (One Pound)
Decaf Mayan (One Pound)
Decaf Mexican (One Pound)
Decaf Peru (One Pound)
Decaf Sumatra (One Pound)
Delicious Decafs
El Salvador Pacamara (One Pound)
Ethiopian Harrar (One Pound)
Executive Order (One Pound)
Festivus Roast (One Pound)
Flight of Fancy: Exotic Coffee Tasting
French Roast (One Pound)
Gift Box
Gift Certificate $10
Gift Certificate $100
Gift Certificate $20
Gift Certificate $25
Gift Certificate $5
Gift Certificate $50
Gift Certificate $75
Gift Certificate 1lb of Coffee
Gift Certificates
Greenbelt Farmer's Market Blend (One pound)
Guatemalan Antigua (One Pound)
Guatemalan Maragogype (One Pound)
Gunpowder Espresso (One Pound)
Half and halfs
Harford Roast (One Pound)
Hawaiian Maui (Half Pound)
Hawaiian Maui (One Pound)
Herring Run Roast (One Pound)
Hippie Blend (One Pound)
Holiday Roast
Holiday Roast MMXIV (One Pound)
Indian Monsooned Malabar (One Pound)
Indian Mysore Nugget Extra Bold (One Pound)
Jamaican Blue Mountain (Half Pound)
Jamaican Blue Mountain (One Pound)
Java Blawan Estate (One Pound)
Kenya AA (One Pound)
Kenya Peaberry
Kenya Peaberry (One Pound)
Kona (Half Pound)
Kona (One Pound)
Kopi Luwak Tasting 2015
Little Italy Roast (One Pound)
Market Blend (One Pound)
Mobtown Espresso (One Pound)
Moka Java (One Pound)
Montebello Reserve (One Pound)
Natural Costa Rican La Amistad (One Pound)
Natural Fair Trade Balinese Blue Krishna (One Pound)
Natural Fair Trade Brazil Poco Fundo (One Pound)
Natural Fair Trade Colombian Mesa de los Santos (One Pound)
Natural Fair Trade El Salvador Cerro las Ranas (One Pound)
Natural Fair Trade El Salvador Santa Rita (One Pound)
Natural Fair Trade Ethiopian Sidamo (One Pound)
Natural Fair Trade Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (One Pound)
Natural Fair Trade French Roast (One Pound)
Natural Fair Trade Guatemalan Huehuetenango (One Pound)
Natural Fair Trade Honduran Ocotopeque (One Pound)
Natural Fair Trade Mexican Chiapas (One Pound)
Natural Fair Trade Nicaraguan Selva Negra (One Pound)
Natural Fair Trade Panama La Esperanza (One Pound)
Natural Fair Trade Papua New Guinea (One Pound)
Natural Fair Trade Peru Norte (One Pound)
Natural Fair Trade Sumatra Gayoland (One Pound)
Natural Fair Trade Tanzanian Peaberry (One Pound)
Natural Fair Trade Timor Ermera (One Pound)
Natural Fair Trade Uganda Bugisu (One Pound)
Natural Rainforest Alliance Flores Bajawa Ngura (One Pound)
Natural Sumatra Wahana (One Pound)
Night of the Living Blend (One pound)
Panama Boquette (One Pound)
Rainforest Alliance Brazilian Monte Cristo (One Pound)
Red and White Blend (One pound)
RFA Costa Rican Willow (One Pound)
Rhode Island Avenue Roast (One pound)
Roaster's Choice
Rock Creek Reserve (One pound)
Roundhouse Blend (One Pound)
Royal Blue (One Pound)
Rwanda Gatare Station (One Pound)
Shadow Blend (One pound)
Shot Tower Espresso (One Pound)
Signature Blends
Signature Blends (Sustainable)
Special Events
Steel City Blend (One pound)
Subscription Service
Sulawesi Kalossi (One Pound)
Sumatra Mandheling (One Pound)
Sustainable Origins
Tanzanian AAA (One Pound)
Tell Tale Dark (One Pound)
Three Rivers Roast (One pound)
Washington Monu-Mints
Yemen Mocha Sanani (One Pound)
Zeke's Diner Mug (Black)
Zeke's Diner Mug (White)
Zeke's Gear
Zeke's Beanie Cap
Zeke's Coffee DC Blends
Zeke's Coffee Pittsburgh Blends
Zeke's Fitted Cap
Zeke's Logo Hoodie
Zeke's Logo Tee
Zeke's Travel Mug