Why Choose Zeke's?


Due to the increase of items shipped during the holidays UPS is no longer guaranteeing the delivery of packages before Christmas. The only packages they are guaranteeing are overnight shipments. Keep this in mind when ordering for the holidays.


ZEKE'S COFFEE of Baltimore offers small batch, fresh roasted coffee, using only high quality, arabica beans. All of our coffees are now available, by the pound, for purchase online--our signature blends, sustainable coffees and delicious decafs included. We hope that you'll enjoy trying them as much as we enjoy roasting them! For more about us, visit us at www.zekescoffee.com.

At Zeke's, we believe in making a positive impact on the world around us. While not all of our coffees are certified as fair trade or rainforest alliance, most of the others come from single-estate farms, rather than large exploitative producers. Additionally, we do our utmost to recycle all of our production waste and to support the growth and greening of our local community.